Работа Редакторы, журналисты

Typing in Russian, Ukrainian and English 10 RUB

Typing in Russian, Ukrainian and English (menus, instructions, greetings, recipes, records, reports, essays, reviews, theses, memoirs, books with illustrations) in full and urgent mode. Writing, editing or correction of essays, term papers, diplomas, the formulas of any complexity in chemistry, physics, algebra. Creating charts, graphics and text in tables, graphs, editing posters. Presentations in Power Point. Translated texts. Printing and (or) recording on CD, DVD, an urgent dispatch (redirect) to an e-mail, web site, file sharing. Warranty, discount the possibility of compensation (extremely rare). Courier.


Цена: 10 RUB

Город: Украина

Автор: Оksana 38044276 8273 Kiev

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